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One More Thing Before You Leave Home

An informative read which gives you the knowledge needed before renting for both newbies and experience renters to be better informed prior to entering a rental agreement.

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A Must Read


Which Home Is For You

A wealth of knowledge to better prepare you to make the best decisions before you make that investment.

"I bought this as a gift to my daughter who is planning to leave the nest this year. There's many gems even I forgot to think about. She loved it, as it's an easy read, and it's a good checklist of things she'll keep in mind during her search."

Tracy Locke - Amazon Customer

"I am a proud advocate of this book. Its life changing, powerful, and impactful. Every page is worth highlighting but you have to take your time and allow the book to move through you. Its very digestible. The title is not to be taken lightly. Its a command to young men and women to think, plan, and prepare for the next level of their lives. I will definitely recommend this book to all adolescence."

Divame - Amazon Customer

"I wish I had this book when I first moved out at 21! This book has all the tools you need for a first time person moving out from home. The book is a like a light weight tool box; everything you need at the tip of your fingers!"

Tarmi Hung - Amazon Customer

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